About Us

Ensinger is the nation’s leading manufacturer of thin gauge, high performance, and engineering thermoplastics.

Our product line includes offerings of these materials in sheets, rolls/coils, strips, and punched products.

Ensinger's products are found globally, solving problems and adding value to our customers and their products. As a member of the Global ENSINGER Network of plastics companies, our efforts continue in the international markets.

Ensinger is widely known and respected in the stock shapes and fabrication markets as the largest manufacturer of thin gauge acetals, nylons, polyesters, and other engineering grade materials. Ensinger’s reputation for exacting product quality and rapid delivery has made us a leader in these markets for a generation. Ensinger is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Ensinger is known as an innovative manufacturer that is always looking ahead of the markets and anticipating new trends in materials and applications. This has placed Ensinger at the forefront of several new market developments including the creation of a broad line of new high performance materials for thermoforming, chemical resistance, and Electric Static Control applications.

Even with all of these new developments at Ensinger, our dedication to quality in both our products and our service remains at the forefront of our offering.

All of Ensinger’s products are available in North America directly through Ensinger. International markets are served through the Global Ensinger Network of plastics companies.

If you have a requirement for high performance thin gauge thermoplastics, Ensinger will be the vendor of choice for all of your applications.