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Pennite® 4512

Pennite® 4512 is a 12% glass reinforced type 6 nylon, designed for thermoforming. It has good heat sag resistance and is used in a variety of formed applications.

  • Very good grease and oil resistance
  • High mechanical strength

Pennite® 4512 gives suppliers of automotive components the option to specify a thermoformable nylon of under hood automotive applications.

  Properties ASTM Test Method Units Pennite 4512
Physical Specific Gravity D792 - 1.22
Mechanical Tensile Strength, break @ -40°C D638 MPa 115
Tensile Strength, break @ 23°C D638 MPa 110
Tensile Strength, break @ 121°C D638 MPa 45
Elongation @ Break, -40°C D638 % 2
Elongation @ Break, 23°C D638 % 3
Elongation @ Break, 121°C D638 % 15
Flexural Strength @ -40°C D790 MPa 200
Flexural Strength @ 23°C D790 MPa 165
Flexural Strength @ 121°C D790 MPa 50
Flexural Modulus @ -40°C D790 MPa 5200
Flexural Modulus @ 23°C D790 MPa 4650
Flexural Modulus @ 121°C D790 MPa 995
Notched Izod Impact @ -40°C D256 J/M 40
Notched Izod Impact @ 23°C D256 J/M 45
Thermal Heat Deflection @ 264 psi (1.8 MPa) D648 °C 197
Melting Point D789 °C 220
Burning Behavior UL94 - HB
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Pennite® - is a Penn Fibre tradename for compounded sheet products.