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Hydex® 4101 UD Blue Metal & X-Ray Detectable PBT

Properties ASTM Test Method Units Hydex® 4101 UD Blue
Specific Gravity*
D792 g/cc 1.55
Tensile Strength, Ulrimate*
D638 psi 7,160
Tensile Strength, Ulrimate**
D638 psi 7,000
Tensile Modulus*
D639 psi 258,000
Tensile Modulus**
D639 psi 188,000
Elongation @ Break*
D638 % 16
Elongation @ Break**
D638 % 17
Flexural Strength***
D790 psi 10,000
Flexural Modulus***
D790 psi 440,000
Izod Impact Strength***
D256 ft-lbs/in 0.80
Rockwell Hardness***
D785 R Scale 112
Heat Deflection Temperature @ 264 psi***
D648 °F 130
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion
D696 in/in/°F x 10-5 7.0
Flame Rating***
UL 94 - HB
Volume Resistivity***
D257 ohm-cm 3 x 1015
Dielectric Strength (S/T)***
D149 V/mil 410
*Results from .125 inch (3mm) sheet Machine direction
** Results from .125 inch (3mm) Transverse direction
*** Result from injection molded samples
Material complies with FDA citations: 21 CFR 177.1660 & 21 CFR 178.3297
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