High Performance > 300°F | Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)


TECATRON™ PPS is a high performance thermoplastic that combines good mechanical properties with excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties. There is no known solvent that dissolves TECATRON™ PPS at temperatures below 392°F. Its low ionic impurities make it an excellent choice for applications where high purity is a concern. TECATRON™ GF40 is a glass reinforced material that offers extremely high strength along with excellent chemical resistance properties. TECATRON™ PVX is a bearing grade PPS that is suitable for high load applications.

  • High purity characteristics
    Low ionic impurities are apparent.
  • Outstanding retention of mechanical properties under continuous use up to 338°F (170°C)
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Good electrical insulator
  • High mechanical strength
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Dimensional stability over wide variations of temperature and moisture
  • Creep resistance
    Long-term property retention.

TECATRON™PPS's excellent thermal and chemical resistance along with its ionic impurities make an excellent choice for applications requiring low outgassing and high purity. TECATRON™PPS is typically used in the automotive, electrical/ electronic, industrial, mechanical, appliance and semiconductor industries.

Properties Condition Value   Test Method Comment
Mechanical Weak (K) factor Against Steel, 40 psi, 50 fpm 540*10*-10 in3-min/ft-lbs-hr ASTM D 3702  
Modulus of elasticity (tensile test) @ 73 °F 731,500 psi ASTM D 638  
Tensile strength at yeild @ 73 °F 15,000 psi ASTM D 638  
Elongation at break @ 73 °F 10 % ASTM D 638  
Flexural Strength @ 73 °F 24,000 psi ASTM D 790  
Modulus of Elasticity (flexural test) @ 73 °F 622,000 psi ASTM D 790  
Compression strength @ 10% strain 17,800 psi ASTM D 695  
Compression modulus   367,000 psi ASTM D 695  
Impact Strength (Izod) @ 73°F .52 ft-lbs/in ASTM D 256  
Rockwell Hardness @ 73°F, M Scale 102   ASTM D 785  
Coefficient of Friction Dynamic, 40 psi, 50 fpm 0.24   ASTM S 3702  
Thermal Melting temperature   540 °F ASTM D 2133 (1) per UL746B
Deflection temperature @ 264 psi 220 °F ASTM S 648  
Deflection temperature @ 66 psi 400 °F ASTM D 648  
Service temperature Long term 338 °F - (1)  
Service temperature Intermittent 500 °F -  
Thermal expansion (CLTE)   3.3*10-5 in/in/°F ASTM D 696  
Specific heat   0.239


Thermal conductivity   2.08 BTU-in/hr-ft2-°F -  
Electrical Volume resistivity   1.0*1015 Ω*cm ASTM D 257  
Dielectric Strength   450 V/mil ASTM D 149  
Dissipation factor @ 1KHz, 73°F .0001   ASTM D 150  
Dielectric constant @ 1KHz, 73°F, 50% RH 3.0   ASTM D 150  
Other Moisture absorption @ 24 hrs, 73 °F 0.02 % ASTM D 570  
Flammability (UL94)   V-0   -  

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